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Our very practically equipped paint shop allows for painting with powder paints in a design, which suits the customer’s requirements. For the resulting quality to really be optimum, we devote a maximum level of attention to all phases of the painting process. Application of paint is possible both electrostatically and also electrokinetically (so-called Tribo), whereas transportation of components between individual operations is completely continuous. In principle, we perform degreasing using an environmentally friendly phosphatising spray preparation, because the layer of phosphate created by this ensures superlative adhesion of the powder paint to the painted surface.

Components travel through the baking oven, so the process takes place in the same manner as when painting on the lines. The capacity of the line corresponds to the dimensions of the paint booth and use of colours is implemented completely in line with the customer’s wishes.

Technical data
oven 1500 mm 1800 mm 3000 mm
paint booth 1000 mm 1800 mm 3000 mm

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