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We are a modern company with a long tradition, which reliably provides partial and complete deliveries for its customers in the fields of metal manufacturing, tool making and painting. The quality and reliability of the products we deliver is guaranteed on the one hand by our high level of technical equipment and on the other by the wealth of experience of the whole team. As standard, manufacturing takes place either according to the customer’s documentation or according to documentation creation by our specialists. This then includes proposal for the optimum design solution and subsequent manufacturing technology on the basis of a detailed knowledge of the client’s requirements.

I founded the company in 1998 and from the very beginning we have dealt in custom metal manufacturing. A little later, on the basis of customer requirements, our field of operations expanded to include tool making work. A great turning point in the company’s history and development came in 2003 when we moved to our own newly acquired building. The new premises allowed for significant optimisation of manufacturing processes and thus also greater flexibility of deliveries. At the same time however, this also allowed for expansion of services provided to customers, because the company grew to include a modern and spacious powder paint shop on the basis of analysis of customer requirements.

Achieving the maximum level of quality and flexibility of deliveries has been our company’s main philosophy since its foundation. This is why significant investment into technological equipment has always been a strategic priority. Thanks to this approach, the company now has the latest manufacturing technologies at its disposal. Other than fifteen conventional machines, the company’s machine equipment has also included a Charmilles electrospark wire cutter since 2001 and also a MIKRON triaxial machining centre since 2008.

Most of our production is intended for Czech customers. Roughly 30 percent is exported to foreign markets, especially to Germany and Canada.

Ing. Milan Strof
Owner and Company Director


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