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We are a traditional supplier of complete and partial work in the fields of drilling, milling, turning and welding. According to the requirements of our customers and in accordance with the agreed design and precision, we perform work on precise CNC machines or on the state-of-the-art MIKRON triaxial machining centre.

We can work according to the customer’s documentation or according to documentation created by our own specialists. Typical products for us include components for joiner’s tables or benches, which are manufactured from high quality casts from cast iron and aluminium from Czech suppliers.

Square Bench Dogs

b x h L
25 x 16 mm 140 mm
25 x 20 mm 180 mm
35x20 mm 225 mm


hoblickové vřeteno
A B m
330 mm Tr 28 x 5 2.200g
540 mm Tr 28 x 5 3.400g


hoblickové vřeteno s vedením
A B C m
350 mm Tr 24 x 5 180 mm 3.950 g
500 mm Tr 28 x5 267 mm 8.600 g

Universal Stop

Universal Stop
t d
20 mm 16mm
20-25 mm 16 mm

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